Process analysis

I was hired as a trainee to take part in assessment of in-built checkpoints in several massive processes of a big manufacturing company to show they are SOX compliant. It was a very interesting internal control project (that’s how it was called). We received the best practices from the project office and we had to compare if our subsidiary is implementing at least the same level of checks if not more rigorous ones. These best practices were in form of presentations and questionnaires which we had to fill Continue reading →

Why and how to create, validate and maintain glossary throughout the project?

 When I start working on a new project I usually start with learning about the client’s domain. I try to identify major players on their market and learn who their customers are. This gives me a better understanding when we are talking about business needs and requirements. Despite all these preparations in the first few weeks I often feel stakeholders are speaking a different language. It is usually not just because they are talking about hot topics, tasks and issues which I am not familiar with, but Continue reading →

Getting started

When I first heard about blogs a number of years ago (does it mean I am old?) I couldn’t really understand why someone would write a blog to make his/her thoughts public. By that time I have not thought I would ever have one, but obviously this has been changed:) Despite my first reaction it slowly became usual for me to read blogs. First it was about having fun, then it became a good source of information when I was looking for help with my Continue reading →