Getting started

When I first heard about blogs a number of years ago (does it mean I am old?) I couldn’t really understand why someone would write a blog to make his/her thoughts public. By that time I have not thought I would ever have one, but obviously this has been changed:)

Despite my first reaction it slowly became usual for me to read blogs. First it was about having fun, then it became a good source of information when I was looking for help with my work related issues. I have found resolutions¬†for strange error messages I faced with. Then I started using SQL at work and some of the reports I had to create caused me some headaches. I didn’t want to hassle my colleagues all the time so Google became my best friend and he was directing me to some blogs I never heard about, but proved to be very useful.

In the last couple of years things piled up a bit. I wanted to have a space for my Business Analysis and other work related thoughts, learning processes, experience and resources to be stored and shared. Also there are some projects which I think wouldn’t really fit in my CV, but also belongs to me. I used to be a programmer one day and when I have time I enjoy doing some coding while I learn something new. This makes me more empathic with software engineer guys I work with every day.

I hope you will find this blog at least somewhat useful. In case you have any questions or comments please contact me.