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My wife became interested in video editing when we bought an action camera in 2014. In the first few months we were recording everything and shortly ended up with hours of videos which were simply too long to show it to anyone else. She knew she need to make them shorter and tell a story, so she turned to Windows Movie Maker for help and soon after to iMovie. After a couple of months limitations of these editing softwares become apparent and she was eager to do more and more. Then I discovered Final Cut Pro and when I showed her it obviously unlocked a whole new world of video editing. She received many excellent and encouraging feedback from friends and family of our own videos she edited. Besides she enjoyed very much spending her time figuring out the story line, finding the perfect animations, correcting shaky footage and colours, fine tuning synchronization of the motion and the music. She was learning new things every day, started to attend to meetups and conferences to meet like minded people. Slowly she started to become a professional video editor. At this point we decided to give a try what if she would edit videos for customers, so we established a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, a Twitter account and  I helped her with putting together a website. This is how was born.

First of all I was looking for a one theme which supported one page design and then was learning its features and its limitations. The next was to create child theme and add customisations using CSS, update outdated animations and remove some annoying features of the theme. I also utilized plugins I developed previously to hide exact WordPress version and remove advertisement from the source code which some popular plugins like to put there. I have learnt a lot about .htaccess which I see as an effective tool to apply some very basic security hardening. This is where we were at the beginning of 2016, but the development continues.

Contribution: implementation & maintenance

CMS: WordPress

Language: English